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We specialise in Online Liquidations for those who are downsizing, moving, or liquidating the contents of a loved one’s home. *Call for a free personalized consultation. We are here to help! 

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Here is a list of your testimonials


A complete success - - thanks entirely to you and your team.  Great job!
You've been wonderful from the very beginning.  I truly appreciate you handing things so professionally and with genuine interest.
It's been a pleasure for me too.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if that ever becomes necessary.

Jason S.


Dear Gayla

We were very impressed with your set up at the house and how you ran the sale.  Thanks so much for this service you provide.  It certainly made this transition much easier and in many ways less of an emotional burden.

My wife, Leslie, and I went to the house yesterday... our first words were "WOW"!  The house looked marvelous.  We were so impressed and so grateful for the work you and the rest of your team did for us.  Rich was over also and he remarked that there was very little we were going to have to do to prep the house for showing... and he said that he was going to start recommending your services to others in similar situations, he was so impressed.

 Again, thanks for your efforts on our behalf.  This was not a chore me or my family was looking forward to doing considering the work and the emotions that would be involved.

 You folks do miracles and your services are a blessing and handled with such grace and compassion  :)  Thank you so much!




We just completed a living estate sale at my mom's home.  Since moving to an assited living apartment in June, she has been going through her 55 years worth of belongings!  I have posted the link to the wonderful woman who organized, manned, and cleaned up after the sale!  We could not have been happier with her work!  She is a sensitive, business-like Christian woman who did a fabulous job.  I highly recommend her to anyone needing estate sale services.  Gayla and her sister did it all.  We had gone through everything, but she even found and rescued some things for us that we missed.  They did all the moving, sorting, organization, marking, negotiating, advertising, clean up, and more!  We really just stayed away and let her take over.  No stress whatsoever!  The only way to go.  It was busy for three days, and she even sold a few things after the sale during clean up.  We are so thankful.

Ann Van G.


Oct. 23, 2016

I cannot thank Gayla and her staff enough for their exceptional care and respect for me and my family during the initial meeting and walk through of the home and it's contents. I appreciate the respect and care that was taken from start to finish. All target dates were met and each step was followed despite weather and problems with the power. I can't thank Gayla enough for her warmth and professionalism. Thank you!

Mary Ann Hartley, Denver 



Dec 4, 2016
Gayla and her team helped me more than words can say. My parents lived in their home for 45 years. Rarely did they part with anything and never turned down anything given to them. In addition, they also keep items their kids couldn't part with. Their large house was filled to the brim. As we initially went through the house, Gayla even entered the attic space and viewed it as a treasure hunt. She purposed a plan that would involve a lot of work on her part, but would get the most amount of money for my mom. Gayla and her staff were professional and reliable from start to finish. She understood, respected, and validated the emotional toll the selling of once treasured items took on our family. It was incredible to watch the house be transformed as Gayla's team worked. Items were sorted, grouped, and displayed attractively. The final sale was a success with hundreds of shoppers. I would highly recommend Estate Sales by Gayla for anyone considering a sale.

Katie N. 

Lake Tapps


Gayla and team were angels sent in a time of great need. I lost my aunt and then learned I had to have surgery myself for cancer. When I didn't know where to turn or who to trust, Gayla answered my inquiry for help under when no other company wanted to take the time for a smaller sale.

She met with me to get an overview of belongings to sell, organized and priced, advertised, notified the neighbors, and managed the sale. The proceeds were 3 times more than I had anticipated which more than covered the cost of the sale.

The remaining items were then donated to charities and I received the receipts. The house was cleared in the end. I would recommend Gayla's services to everyone! What a great blessing to hear of the success while recovering from my surgery!

Thank you again Gayla 




Hi Gayla:
Thanks so much. We are very impressed with the work that you and your staff have done with the auction. The item displays, organization and photos are excellent! We are extremely elated and surprised with the auction results. We are also so amazed with how the auction process and its dynamics proceeded and executed. Thank you so much for your (and your staff) professionalism, expertise and excellent work. We very much appreciate all the hard work as we could not have achieved the outstanding results on our own.

Thanks so much again for the excellent service provided.


Randy Brake




   Thank you so much for the things that you did for us. You and your people were professional and we were very pleased. Thank you so much.

Norma B 


     I have known Gayla for many years and asking her to handle my mother's estate sale was an easy choice. She and her crew worked hard to organize all the items throughout the house and yard. By the time they were done everything looked great! Her advertising generated a lot of interest in the sale and it was very successful. We also took advantage of the clean out service leaving the house completely empty and ready for the next steps toward selling it. Gayla did everything she said she would do when she said she would do it. Love that. This became an emotional process for me and she was understanding of that. Every part of the sale was handled professionally. I easily recommend Estate Sales by Gayla!



     I recently shopped at Estate Sales by Gayla. It was the end of the day, everyone was tired and I was accidentally charged $5 for two items instead of .50. After receiving my email about the mix-up, the company had $10 in my mailbox within two days.

It shows something about their professionalism that they a) give receipts for purchases and b) trust the customer on their word.

Overall, they turned a bad customer service experience into a trust-building one.



July 2022

Gayla and her team were so professional. They were helpful, courteous, assertive, and had wonderful ideas. I worked through 50+ years of accumulated items and sold almost everything. I cannot rate them higher! Excellent experience.


Federal Way